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Goals of the Foundation

  • Advocate for high quality fire and emergency medical response to island residents and guests.
  • Enhance community emergency preparedness and responsiveness to natural or man-made disasters.
  • Support programs that foster a healthy and cohesive community on Marrowstone Island.


  • Funding the training of Emergency Medical Technicians for response on Marrowstone Island.
  • Awarding of scholarship grants for island residents and graduating Chimacum high school seniors.
  • Hosting CPR and AED training for Island residents and residents of other neighboring communities.
  • Purchasing, installing, and maintaining publicly accessible automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) on Marrowstone Island.

  • Supporting the creation and distribution of caches of EMT supplies around the island.

  • Providing ongoing liaison with East Jefferson Fire & Rescue regarding emergency services on the Island.
  • Providing 911 and road signs.


Following is a status of the Foundation presented by President Jim Surgent at the Marrowstone Island Community Association General Meeting on November 19, 2018:

Marrowstone Island Foundation – What We’ve Been Up To.

Hello, I am Jim Surgent president of the Marrowstone Island Foundation, also known as MIF. I would like to inform the island of what MIF has been up to. The following is the presentation I presented to MICA.

Through my time with MIF I have always felt that much of the island and myself have been, shall I say miffed, on what exactly does MIF do. Many are aware of the great work Marrowstone Emergency Medical Services, MEMS, performed in the past and the current efforts of MIF with first responders and EMTs but there is more. So hopefully I can shed a little light on the subject. A group of board members jumped into the history files to find out. We found that MIF had in it’s past been active with grants and scholarships which coincides with MIF's purpose. It can be wrapped up in a couple of short sentences. One is on the 501(c)(3) nonprofit application filings when MEMS stopped providing emergency services when the county took over that service. They filed for a name and purpose change to become the Marrowstone Island Foundation. That filing from 9-17-2000 states “Article Three is hereby replaced in its entirety by the following. The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes”. On MIF's application to form a nonprofit corporation with the State of Washington on 9-10-2005 it states that our purpose is “To use its funds and good offices to assist in the promotion of a better, safer, healthier, and more harmonious place to live”. The interpretation is quite philanthropic in my eyes. It is my intent to lead the board to continue it’s efforts working with the county to improve the emergency services they provide to Marrowstone Island and to encourage the board to take a philanthropic approach as described on the applications I have just read.

So here is a list of what the new board has been up to over the last 7 months.

  1. I am not sure how many of you have noticed the Bicycle Signs. By working with the WADOT we were able to convince them to put up 8 bicycle signs, 4 in each direction, between Oak Bay Rd and the entrance to Fort Flagler State Park at no cost to MIF

  2. We re-initiated CPR Classes, starting with the purchase of CPR training dummies. With that purchase it affords us the ability to have the classes taught by island residents. John Gonnella is generously donating his time as our instructor. In addition to CPR we are planning on adding First Aid training to the program as well.

  3. The board has reviewed our current bylaws and decided they were in need of revision. We discussed at great length, what I consider to be good clarifications and changes to the bylaws. The bylaws will never be perfect or will they ever be able to satisfy every islander but I believe the document is a much improved document and hopefully it will be supported by the community in it’s entirety without a lot of debate. The document can be viewed at our website at http://marrowstoneislandfoundation.org or you can request a pdf copy by emailing your request to marrowstoneislandfoundation@gmail.com. There are also copies that can be borrowed and returned at the Nordland Store.

  4. I have received emails and have spoken with islanders about their concerns with Emergency Preparedness. We have just added this as one of our goals. It is our intent to work with the MICA, Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness also know as MIEP, the county and the community to help in anyway we can to prepare for a catastrophic event no matter how small or large. We are just in our infancy and we will need to coordinate closely with all parties involved so that there will be an effective Emergency Preparedness Plan for the island.

  5. We have created and updated a new MIF website http://marrowstoneislandfoundation.org.

  6. We have reinstated the Scholarship Program as it once was, covering all ages. If interested in applying please contact us at marrowstoneislandfoundation@gmail.com.

  7. Our Emergency Response Committee continues as it has by actively meeting with the county for better services.

  8. We are supporting the development of the Fite Property. Currently MIF will be providing lunch for the work party being held on November 27th from 10am to 1pm. Please visit http://saveland.org to find out more about this wonderful new public preserve for the island and the work party.

  9. MIF is committed to accomplishing it’s goals and with that there will be a need for fund raising, hopefully the community will open their pocket books to help support these causes when the time arises. So expect to see fund raising activities asking for donations in the future.

  10. With the added commitments and fund raising that MIF will be taking on, there will be added financial responsibility. So MIF’s accounting will now be done on a specialized cloud based nonprofit accounting program provided by a company named Aplos. This will allow for more accountability with the money we manage as well as making it easier to track and handle all of our transactions.

  11. At this time I would like to thank Barry Lerich for the work he has performed for MIF and other organizations on the island. He has spent many hours getting MIF’s new website up and running as well as a major contribution in the drafting of the new bylaw revisions. Barry has decided to step down from the MIF board and his absence will be felt by all the board members, he did a great job. We are now looking for a new board member to fill his vacancy. This would be a good time for someone new to the island or a person that has not volunteered in the community, with the energy to make a difference, to volunteer your services on the board. As MIF move’s forward we will also need volunteers, not necessarily as a board member, but to help with our causes. If you are interested please contact me by sending an email to marrowstoneislandfoundation@gmail.com.

I would also like to encourage all islanders, keeping in mind MIF’s purpose as stated earlier, to email us with any ideas you may have on ways MIF maybe able to help this wonderful piece of paradise we live in. It is important for MIF to carefully consider the ideas of the community and not just the boards.

Thank you,

Jim Surgent


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