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Presentation Explaining the Fundraising Campaign
for the Marrowstone Island Fire Station Upgrade

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Questions and Answers regarding the MIF
fundraising campaign for the new Station House

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Bud Ayres, MIF President, sent the following letter regarding the fundraising campaign to all Island residents on September 27, 2019.

September 27, 2019                                                                    Letter Logo
Dear Marrowstone Island Neighbor,

The Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) is asking for your help with an urgent matter on our island.  Emergency medical and fire response time to the island is dangerously high averaging over 13 minutes.  Such long response exceeds the 8-minute National Standard, puts victims of serious medical emergencies at grave risk, and negates the possibility of saving a home in the event of fire.  A solution is at hand, but money is needed to help defray an estimated $80,000 to $120,000 of costs to be incurred by East Jefferson Fire Rescue (EJFR) to establish a 24/7 staffed Fire Station on Marrowstone Island.

EJFR has purchased a modular fire station building to be delivered after the first of the year.  Before they can install this facility, with its overnight accommodations, at our Flagler Road Station, funds must be identified to construct the foundation, install septic and other utilities, and transport the building.  EJFR also intends to acquire a water tender truck for the island due to the lack of fire hydrants.

With on-island staff at the ready, response times will be reduced to 3 to 8 minutes!  Consider the dramatic impact enabling positive outcomes for serious medical issues and homes on fire.  Additionally, the recent increases in homeowner’s insurance premiums, the result of distance from staffed fire stations off-island, will return to reasonable levels.  That monetary savings alone can be substantial.

We recognize our “ask” is a significant amount of money, but it is a small price to pay for saving lives and property.  Your donation to our fundraising campaign will make a difference.  All donations collected by the Foundation will be given as a grant to EJFR for the Marrowstone Fire Station project.  On the reverse side of this letter are several questions and answers pertinent to this fundraising campaign.

And visit the MIF website, https://www.marrowstoneislandfoundation.org for more information and how to donate on-line.  Donations are tax deductible and may be made via check, credit card, or Paypal.  Please mail checks to: Marrowstone Island Foundation, P.O. Box 155, Nordland, WA  98358.

We express our gratitude and appreciation for helping make our island a safer place to be.


Bud Ayres, President (360) 531-1099                        Bruce Carlson, Treasurer(360) 385-1756
Nicole Blasucci, Vice President (901) 581-9706        Bob Barrett (360) 302-0181
John Gonnella (307) 413-5010                                  Martin Ivers (360) 385-2083
Paula Anderson (360) 302-0358                                Laura Luttrell (360) 390-8858      

Save a Life - Preserve a Home

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Regular fire and EMS property tax revenues do not include funding for significant capital improvements.  EJFR does not have the capacity to fully fund this unique and unexpected opportunity.  Helping EJFR fund this project assures Marrowstone Island the successful and timely completion of the station house and assignment of staff. 

Installation Costs:
Transport Station House to Marrowstone                         $ 10,000
Design and Construct Concrete Foundation                     $ 20,000
Design and Construct Septic System                               $ 35,000
Extend Water Line to Station 1-2                                      $ 10,000
Electrical Connection                                                        $   5,000
Water Tender Purchase:                                                   $30,000 to $40.000

To defray these and other possible costs, we need to generate between $80,000 to $120,000.  We are asking for your help by making a donation to MIF.

WHEN DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?  Time is of the essence.  Construction of the building foundation and installation of all utilities is being scheduled for completion by the end of the year.  Transportation and utility connections will occur early next year. 

HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU CONSIDER GIVING?  The chart below illustrates the range of donations it will take to provide the strongest possible contribution to EJFR that we can.  We recognize this is a significant amount of money, but believe it is a small price to pay for saving lives and property.  MIF appreciates any and all donations you may consider giving.

Target Donation:                            # Donors    Total
$20 to $50 (average $30)                 100        $ 3,000
$100 donations                                   50        $ 5,000
$250 donations                                   25        $ 6,250
$500 donations                                  15        $ 7,500
$1000 Donations                                10        $ 10,000
$5,000 and Up                                     5        $ 35,000

ARE THERE OTHER BENEFITS FOR YOU?  Yes!   For many on the island, (particularly those on the northern half), your homeowner’s insurance will be reduced because you will have a fire station within 5 miles of your home.  Your insurance agent can determine your premium reduction, and these savings recur every year.  In addition, MIF is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donation is eligible to be deducted from your income taxes as a charitable contribution.
HOW DO YOU MAKE A DONATION?  Your donations may be made by check, credit card or Paypal.
Please make checks payable to:

Marrowstone Island Foundation, with “Station 1-2 Campaign” in the memo line.

Mail to Marrowstone Island Foundation at P.O. Box 155, Nordland, WA 98358.

Credit card and Paypal donations may be made on-line at https://www.marrowstoneislandfoundation.org  by clicking the donate button on the "How You Can Help" page. Please include your name and contact information with "Fire Station Campaign" in the Special Instructions box at the PayPal donation site.

Any other questions, please contact:
Bud Ayres, President (360) 531-1099,   or Bruce Carlson, Treasurer (360) 385-1756

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